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Update: "Founded Nemo", dear lord Marlin...

2013-03-30 22:43:46 by QuestionGravity

Okay, so I've started on my debut animation titled "Founded Nemo". It was basically spawned from my friend spouting nonsense about the movie and how you could link everything to make some pretty f@#$%ed up s#!%. So, obviously me being an un-creative bastard, took his idea and threw it into flash. The picture shown is Marlin rising from his slumber. HOPEFULLY, this animation will be done soon, as I'm an eager beaver and ready to be ridiculed and blamed (actually I hope people will like this animation, as I am slowly falling in love it with. Our wedding will be in the spring).
Anyways, my friend Jonathan ( ) is doing the backgrounds (and voices), which is why Merlin is in purgatory. Although I've been working a good hour (breaks not included) I only have about 10 seconds of animation done. Although, this is to be expected.
I'm making headway, which is good, so look forward to it!
~ J. "Dino" Sarnes

Update: "Founded Nemo", dear lord Marlin...


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